In Honor-Captain Dale Goetz, United States Army Chaplain

Just last night through a national news program I learned that Captain Dale Goetz, a US Army Chaplain, had been killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.  You can learn more about him here.  From that MBBC article I noticed this statement:

“He had a great burden for the soldiers,” said Jason Parker, pastor of High Country Baptist Church of Colorado Springs.  “His specific prayer request was to see 300 soldiers come to Christ.  He was also praying for God to call 10 of those soldiers into the ministry.  That was one of his specific prayer requests.”

I had the opportunity to visit with Dale at an informal pastors’ fellowship in eastern South Dakota just before he left for the Army.  In conversing with him he expressed how excited he was about the possibilities of being in a position where people would be coming to him looking for answers in life and being able to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with them.

I understand that his funeral is today.  Will you join me in praying for his family and also that God would answer his prayer for 300 soldiers to be saved and that 10 of them might serve the Lord in ministry?


2 Responses to “In Honor-Captain Dale Goetz, United States Army Chaplain”

  1. Lou Martuneac Says:


    Thanks for honoring our brave fallen.


  2. Brian Ernsberger Says:

    Thanks Gordon,
    For bringing this to our attention. My our gracious Lord grant his petition. May we never forget our fallen men and women who faithful serve our country.

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